NTC Services

Self Issue Parking Tickets

We provide solutions for landowners and leaseholders who wish to have parking controls on their land but do not want to hand over control to a parking management company.

Pay and Display Machines

Norwich Traffic Control are able to provide free Pay & Display machines to sites with more than 10 spaces anywhere in the country.

UK Parking Enforcement

Norwich Traffic Control has over a decade of experience in providing UK Parking Enforcement, starting in Norfolk and Suffolk before spreading throughout the Country.

Marshalling and Stewarding

Norwich Traffic Control provides licensed, trained security and marshalling staff for events across the country.

Residential Parking Protection

Norwich Traffic Control operate a range of systems from permit parking to restricted stay to enable the maximum turnover and usability of all parking spaces on a development.

Car Park Maintenance

Whether your lines are fading or your car park pot-holed Norwich Traffic Control can help you to bring your parking (or any other road surface) up to a fresh, safe standard.

Car Park & Road Marking

Using thermoplastic paint we can provide any marking types from numbers and letters or full colour road schemes.

Commercial Parking Protection

Commercial parking issues are often two-fold. During trading hours it is essential to keep the parking spaces clear for your customers.

Acquisition, Leasing or Joint Ventures

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in transforming grey land into a revenue generating asset on a short to medium term basis.